Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A "Baby's" Best Friend

I have posted once about my husband's "baggage" before we got married. That "baggage" is now my little ones best friend. Our first year of marriage this dog ate everything of MINE from shoes, purses and even the Easter Ham. Yes I said Ham. He got it off the counter somehow and ate the whole thing. As many times as I have wanted to get rid of him I am glad we didn't. My little one LOVES this dog. She always hugs him and attempts to give kisses. I used the word attempt because mommy steps in before the slobbery tongue engulfs her face :) This morning I could not peel the two of them from the door. They just sat side by side looking outside both wanting to go out and explore the world.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cute Idea for parties--A Ribbon Topiary!!

Look how cute this idea is for any party. I wish I saw this for my little one's bday! You can make the ribbons on the topiary match the decor of your party. You better believe this will be at her 2nd birthday party!! Click below....